Night Pad


Our Night Pad is 36.5cm long and made up of 8 luxurious layers of absorbent hemp fleece to see you through the night. This fully washable and reusable cloth pad is approximately 18mm thick.

These comfortable pads are made from breathable fabrics (organic cotton and hemp blended to form hemp fleece) so are cool in summer and warm in winter. They allow your skin to breathe too! No sweat.

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Available in natural hemp fleece only, the pad is composed of:

  • 2 x single layer hemp fleece liner inserts – removable for quicker washing and drying
  • 1 x towel insert – a hemp fleece towel folded twice to give you 4 more layers of absorbency – removable as above
  • The outer case, made of hemp fleece and shaped with wings to wrap around the gusset of your underwear, with strong plastic snap studs to secure the pad in place.

Sleep well in the knowledge that the Night Pad has you covered for overnight menstrual bleeding or bladder leakage.

Say goodbye to the crackle of noisy synthetic disposables and enjoy the softness and absorbency of your new bedtime buddy, the Night Pad…

Customer Testimonials

Very Happy!

I recently bought some new hemp fleece pants liners to replace my older ones, and have been impressed by how absorbent the fabric is. Very happy with them! Laurinda, August 2017


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