We suggest that you look after your reusable, cloth menstrual and incontinence pads by:

  1. Separating the outer case and towelling insert ready for washing (not necessary for the all-in-one ManPad).
  2. Soaking in cold water with pre-wash/laundry soaker if needed. Staining can be minimized by soaking or washing straight away. We recommend that you don’t soak the pads for more than 24 hours – to do so may weaken the fabric and thread over a long period of time.
  3. A GENTLE machine wash OR washing by hand.
  4. Sun-drying whenever possible. Sunshine is nature’s best sanitiser. We advise against using a clothes drier but if you do, please use only the cool or warm settings rather than the hot setting. We also advise against using the dryer for pads straight from the wash – it’s best to let them to be at least half dry first.

"I chose to try RadPads over other reusable cloth pads as they have a range in hemp and cotton and I liked the idea of the cover and towel insert coming apart for cleaning and drying. I can see the whole pad is clean and therefore hygienic. I simply rinse my pads out with cold running water and then put them in a soaking bucket with Herbon prewash stain remover. At the end of my period the pads are all stain free and then I just wash them in the washing machine".
Hemp Fleece Pants Liners on clothesline
RadPads wearer