RadPads are here to help you switch to cloth, reusable pads for menstrual and incontinence solutions that are:

  • comfortable
  • cost-effective and 
  • convenient – never run out of pads again since you own and reuse your personal supply of RadPads!

Making the move from disposables to cloth pads like our RadPads is a personal decision that many people come to for any of the following reasons:

Health – concern about the synthetic materials used in personal care products worn near and in our bodies. Many of our customers switch to cloth because they have reactions to the synthetic fibres and bleached wood pulp fibres in disposables. There is also concern about exposure to chemical by-products of the bleaching process for disposable pads and tampons along with the chemical composition of materials added for ‘extra-absorbency’. Manufacturers are not required to list the materials and chemicals used in their sanitary products – it’s up to the consumer to learn them or just avoid them.


A 26cm XL RadPad sits alongside a 22cm regular length RadPad
Choose XL (right) or regular length (left) pads or pants liners for your zero waste menstrual solution

Waste – Single-use disposables generate so much non-biodegradable waste! Think about the packaging, plastic backings, plastic strips over the adhesives on pads… and then the bulk of the pad itself (pads can be up to 90% composed of plastic) all going to landfill – for a very, very long time. Cloth pads free you from the cycle of excessive resource consumption and waste associated with single-use products.

Go plastic free and zero-waste with reusables!


Cost – Have you ever calculated how much you spend on disposable sanitary products each month? This obviously varies between individuals but we all know that it add$ up! For many cloth pad wearers, the investment in our durable, reusable pads ‘pays itself back’ in around 7 – 10 menstrual cycles and they then enjoy cost-free periods for many years to come! 

RadPads have been made in Australia since 1993 and it is not uncommon for us to have return customers up to 10 years after their original purchase of cloth pads – that’s a lot of no-cost years of use thanks to the durability of our products.

I love being able to glide past the ladies section in the supermarket - they won’t take long to pay for themselves!
Hemp Fleece Pants Liners on clothesline
RadPads wearer

Comfort – Our natural cloth pads are made from breathable fabrics so are cool in summer and warm in winter. 

They allow your skin to breathe too! No sweat!

Cloth pads don’t make a sound as some crackly plastic disposables can, and they are not prone to bunching up in your underwear as adhesive pads do.

We love the soft and absorbent hemp fleece used in our towel inserts and pads and it’s not hard to see why. Hemp Fleece is wonderfully soft and ultra absorbent – the fabric becomes softer the more it is washed and used.

There’s more reasons to love hemp!

  • Hemp requires no herbicides, pesticides, fungicides or fertiliser to grow so it is much kinder to the land it is grown on, and the skin of those who wear hemp fabrics.
  • Hemp fabric has antibacterial and anti fungal properties, which makes it the perfect fabric to wear in our underwear.
  • Hemp is 10 times stronger than cotton and is therefore more durable.
  • Because it is more absorbent than cotton, less fabric is needed for the same pad effect, resulting in less bulky pads.

Convenience – yes, we are not kidding! Imagine never running out of pads or tampons again. 

Never having to ask someone to make that late night dash to the supermarket or pharmacy, or to borrow from others.

When you invest in your own cloth pads you’ll soon find yourself in the easy habit of cleaning and drying them, as you would your underwear, so they will be ready for you as you need them – there’s no throw away here!

Customer testimonials…

“…I wish someone had introduced me to reusable cloth pads 30 years ago. I suffered with very long and extremely heavy bleeding for over twenty years with severe endometriosis and am sure that the toxins from the thousands of disposable pads I have used over the years have contributed to my health issues.

For the past few years I have used only organic disposable pads, but went looking for an alternative when these also were causing me irritation.

Admittedly at first I was a bit sceptical but after using RadPads for 4 of the last 5 months I am so surprised and relieved at how wonderful they are. Here are some of the benefits I have experienced:

  • Easy to clean.
  • Very comfortable to wear.
  • Not bulky or crackly like plastic.
  • They breathe and don’t make you hot.
  • They are more absorbent than any disposable.
  • Virtually no leaking, the pad absorbs the fluid where it is rather than running or overflowing.
  • You can check how many layers fluid has gone through to judge if you need to change.
  • No irritated skin.
  • No smell.

I chose to try RadPads over other reusable cloth pads as they have a range in hemp and cotton and I liked the idea of the cover and towel insert coming apart for cleaning and drying. I can see the whole pad is clean and therefore hygienic. I simply rinse my pads out with cold running water and then put them in a soaking bucket with Herbon prewash stain remover. At the end of my period the pads are all stain free and then I just wash them in the washing machine…

Thank you RadPads for this awesome product. All women should know about RadPads and have the choice of a more comfortable, healthier and environmentally friendly way of dealing with their period every month.”  Kellie

“I absolutely love the bright colour combinations and perfect shaping of your pads. They are just the right size and I find them as discrete as a commercial ultra-thin, which I am pleased to no longer have to use because of itchiness and discomfort after use (amongst many other reasons). I never have any accidents with them, as they absorb wonderfully and don’t bunch up, and they also wash-up really well. They are extremely comfortably, even on hot summer days, and fold into a neat clean bundle when used. I love being able to glide past the ladies section in the supermarket -they won’t take long to pay for themselves!” Mindy (17)



I am just delighted with the quality, the service and the beautiful presentation of your innovative product. It makes you feel really good about the earth and about yourself when you can use a reusable product such as this. I have a warm fuzzy feeling run through me when I happily unpeg my RadPads as they are still warm with the suns rays and ready to reuse." 
RadPads Fan