Our ManPad is a soft, reusable cloth pad designed just for men. It is slim fit and best suits men who need some comfort and confidence in managing mild to moderate urinary leakage.

The ManPad is composed of:

  • Two layers of soft hemp fleece, an absorbent blend of hemp and organic cotton in a natural colour
  • Inside, the pad has and a thin layer of ‘shower-proof’ nylon taffeta
  • The base is cotton corduroy, which sits against your underwear.

The pad is shaped like a bicycle seat, with the wide end placed at the front. It is designed to sit in the gusset of modern firm-fit trunks or briefs – a firm but not tight fit with these is a must to keep the pad comfortably in place.

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ManPads last for many years and will simply become part of your underwear collection. The pads can be machine or hand-washed.

With the reusable ManPad you will discover a way of managing incontinence that is comfortable, cooler than synthetic disposables, cost-effective and convenient – NEVER run out of pads again!

Place the ManPad tag side down in the gusset of firm-fitting underpants. As there are no fasteners you are able to move the pad to wherever you feel it is the most appropriate. Change to fresh pad when necessary.  

As with any pads for urinary incontinence, we cannot guarantee total non-leakage when wearing the ManPad. This is because an individual’s shape and way of wearing the pads, as well as their degree of incontinence, can differ markedly with each person. It is important to monitor your needs and change the pads accordingly.

Many of our ManPad customers are prostate cancer survivors managing a heavier flow of urine. They have found that the ManPad alone may not provide enough coverage for them but that our cloth pad is a great back up when worn in tandem with a disposable pad. The ManPad then serves as  a “carrier” for the disposable pad, and offers added protection in case the disposable pad gets too full. The disposable pad can then be changed through the day as needed.


Customer testimonial:

“I am a prostate survivor and have for years used (disposable) liners. After trying the ManPad I was just so surprised at the level of comfort and the feeling of not even wearing an incontinence protector hence my second order. Wish I had known of the ManPad earlier, however better late than never” – R. Smith, 2016

Instructions for care: 

A short soak in cold water is recommended. The ManPad can be washed in the same manner as underpants – by hand or by machine – and dried on the clothes line or on a drying rack. Hand washing of undergarments often results in a longer life of the product.
Sun-dry your pads whenever possible. Sunshine is nature’s best sanitiser.
If you do use a clothes dryer, please only dry your pads on the cool or warm setting and don’t dry them straight from the wash – better to let them air-dry a bit first.



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