Hemp Fleece Towel Inserts – Red or Natural colour


These hemp fleece inserts are wonderfully soft and absorbent and allow you to tailor your cloth pad to suit the amount of flow you are managing at any time.

Simply insert the folded towel into the outer case (pictured) according to your absorbency needs at the time e.g. Light for light flow days, Heavy for for your heaviest flow days.

The Super/XL inserts are for Super/XL pads only – at 23cm, they are longer than our regular pads but offer 4 layers of absorbency, just like the Heavy towel insert.

Available in red or natural coloured hemp fleece.


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Hemp Fleece is wonderfully soft and ultra absorbent – ideal for the task of soaking up your flow!

There’s more reasons to love hemp!

  • Hemp requires no herbicides, pesticides, fungicides or fertiliser to grow so it is much kinder to the land it is grown on, and the skin of those who wear hemp fabrics.
  • Hemp fabric has antibacterial and anti fungal properties, which makes it the perfect fabric to wear in our underwear.
  • Hemp is 10 times stronger than cotton and is therefore more durable.
  • Because it is more absorbent than cotton, less fabric is needed for the same pad effect, resulting in less bulky pads.

As MyPads are made up of separate component pieces, they are easier to effectively wash and dry than all-in-one cloth pads. You can be sure that each part of your pad is clean and dry before storing it until it is needed again. See our Product Care page for tips on how to wash and care for your cloth pads.

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Natural Hemp Fleece, Red Hemp Fleece


Super/XL, Light, Medium, Heavy


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